Travel Psychology Benefits In Telling Secrets To Strangers On Solo Trip

Travel Psychology Benefits

Why do these lovely strangers know more about me than my lovely friends? Why am I so willing to tell a sea of strangers on the journey about my feelings, but can be so tight-lipped and at a loss for words in person? These are few reasons why sometimes it just easier to open up to a stranger especially on the journey in new destination. Let’s explore the travel psychology benefits.

A Thought, A Dream, A Reality, A Travel Psychology.

Mitesh Jain, Chief Travel Psychologist

No Context – When you share something with a stranger, you’re at least acutely aware of the fact that they didn’t know you existed before that moment and won’t ever see you again.

No Repercussions – Maybe there’s something you’ve been dying to get off your chest but you don’t want to live in the reality of a world where this secret is not.

No Niceties – Sometimes strangers are more blunt as well as honest with each other than friends. Maybe that’s what you need.

Broaden Your Horizons – It’s always good to add new voices to your collective chorus of reason. Getting to know someone new can only expand your mind and perspective.

Fresh Perspective – This person doesn’t know you. They don’t know your reputation. They don’t know how people think of you and the value of your word.

No Attachment – When you know you won’t see the person again, you’re a little too comfortable. You’ll literally tell them anything in the world.

At Travel Psychology , we make journeys about you and strangers sometimes are part of those journeys who give you biggest of the solutions you seek all the way with your intents.

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