Tangible Travel Tool

Tangible Travel Tool is a well-planned travel psychology instrument that identifies 80+ traveller’s insights as they emerge.

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What is Tangible Travel Tool?

Developed at Mandeha the Tangible Travel Tool is a product, based on Travel Psychology LEGIT model & 150+ scientific researches.

The intention is to create expressive guides for personal and professional life enhancing overall wellbeing after every journey.

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TTT covers 80+ parameters in 5 Domains

How will Tangible Travel Tool help?

TTT profiles reports can help you understand your own reality and priorities. The rich narrative of all the TTT insightful reports is a powerful tool that provides an in-depth analysis of your travel experiences. Enhanced into the strengths and challenges of each style and can pave the way for sustained self-improvement.

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USP of Tangible Travel Tool

Tangible Travel Tool (TTT), is the first ever tool capturing travel experience tools!

Travel Psychologist moderation and guidance.

TTT can be used for numerous development interventions through every travel experience.

Highly Accurate & Reliable

The profile uses Adaptive learning tool – a method that adapts the questions based on the respondent’s experiences.

Role specific assessments

The TTT suite of tourism industry requirements screened from travellers inputs, which has over 80 different parameters that are role specific ranging from personality to all kinds of skills and attitudes.

Follow-Up reports

These reports are an excellent tool to personalize learning from TTT based insightful sessions. The assessments come with interesting and useful follow-up reports, like the Comparison Report and the Group Reports. 

Our Happy Clients!

"This report presented me with a new tool for my professional pursuits and an aid in my personal life. Most of my learning is from the short travel experiences this TTT report accessed with nuances of how to maintain a sustained quality of these learnings by mentioning how to develop and incorporate in day to day life. "
Tangible Travel Tool Client
Abish Shankar
Personal Coach
"Sectioning my travel experience into an unified and collective TTT report is interactive and feels a lot of space created for engagement with the moderator to provide guidance towards my personal wellbeing and traits I acquired."
clients TTT
Hemani Sharma
L&D Trainer


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