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What Makes Elite Athletes Different?

Learn mental training techniques to optimize your athletic performance in sports psychology courses online. Develop the ability to block out distractions and maintain laser-sharp focus during competition and training.

Sports Psychology course - Mandeha is Best Sports Psychologist in India

Benefit from Courses on Sports Psychology

✅ I want to work with Sports Teams, Coaches, Players and help them improve their game.

✅ I am a coach / parent and want to help my mentee / child excel in the sport.

✅ I want to know how elite athletes achieve success in their career.

✅ I want to know more about how an athlete brain functions in pressure situations.

✅ I don’t play any sport but I want to improve my mindset and mental toughness for self.

✅ I am a psychology student already and now want to shift career in Sports Psychology.

Why Choose Our Sports Psychology Course?

Proven results

Flexible learning

Interactive techniques

Community access

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The Skills You Need to Succeed

What You'll Learn in Our Sports Psychology Courses Online

sports psychology course - role of sports psychologist


Role of Sports Psychologist

Learn more about Sports psychologists being professionals trained in both psychology and the science of sport, performance and exercise.

sports psychology course - frustrated athlete


How to deal with Frustration in Athlete

Frustration is a common and powerful emotion experienced by athletes at all levels.

sports psychology course for children athlete

₹ 89

Sports Psychology for Children Athletes

This focuses on the unique developmental needs of young athletes, aiming to foster a positive, fun, and growth approach to sports.

sports psychology course for adult athletes

₹ 89

Sports psychology for Adult Athletes

Learn about Sports psychology for adult athletes is a valuable tool for navigating complex mental challenges.

sports psychology course for parents and coaches

₹ 89

Sports Psychology for Parents and Coaches

Learn about Parents and coaches play a critical role in shaping the psychological experience of young athletes.

sports psychology course for practice training sessions

₹ 149

Mental Skills in Practice (Trainings)

Sports Psychology in Practice Session: Goal Setting + Motivation + Self-Talk & Dedication + Relaxation.

sports psychology course for pre-competition

₹ 149

Mental Skills in Pre-Competition

Sports Psychology in Pre-Competition: Confidence + Belief + Mental Routines

sports psychology course during competition in-game

₹ 149

Mental Skills in Competition (In-game)

Handling Pressure + Emotional Control + Focus + Negative Thinking in Competition.

sports psychology course for post competition

₹ 129

Mental Skills in Post-Competition

Sports Psychology Post-Competition: Handling Success + Failure

Sports Psychology Courses | Master Your #01 Skills Online
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Unlock peak performance with our sports psychology course. Expert techniques to boost confidence, focus, and resilience from practice to competition skills.

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  • 1. Expert instructor
  • 2. Proven Results
  • 3. Free Community Support
  • 4. Whatsapp group for interaction
  • 5. Online Flexible Learning


  • 1. No Live sessions / Only once free seminar
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