Travel Psychology Course

Travel Psychology Course Head

What is the Travel Psychology Capstone Course?

Travel Psychology Course is an experiential certificate course consisting of 12 modules over 07 Days in February “GOA”.

The content explores different aspects of travel psychology elements that focuses on the psychological and emotional aspects of travel, and how these impact the travel experience. The course is only developed at Mandeha with 6+ years of R&D, to learn, skill up and follow your passion as travel psychology facilitator.

The Starting Guide to Travel Psychology

Fill up the Form to download the Travel Psychology Course – Starter Guide for a personal experience.

What is the Capstone Course format?

  • 07 Days on-journey experiential certificate course
  • Time commitment for each module is estimated at 2 hours – which includes:
      • Live Q/A session every module to learn and ask questions.
      • Required reading with case study
      • Experiential training and activities
      • Quizzing to win bonus rewards.
      • Key take-aways with a list of actionable reflection
  • There will be a capstone project due upon completion of the 12 modules.
  • The capstone project is optional, but it is a requirement to receive the Certificate.

Who are the instructors?

The Capstone Course is designed and taught by Mitesh Jain, Chief Travel Psychologist at Mandeha in application with clients and professionals in psychology, tourism and environmental sustainability. 

Who should take the Travel Psychology Course?

  • Highly recommended for full-time university students
  • Professional of the Psychology industry 
  • Anyone who wants to become a travel psychologist

How will the Travel Psychology Capstone Course help you?

  1. Understand the psychology of travel for human potential, change, and internal transformation.
  2. Apply travel psychology dynamics and locate yourself on the spectrum of power.
  3. How to Enhance our Traveler on-journey experiences on purpose.
  4. Career Opportunities: A travel psychology course can open up a range of career opportunities in the travel and psychology industry, such as working as a travel psychologist consultant, destination analyzer, or travel psychologist guide, or in research and development within the industry.
  5. Understanding of Travelers: The course can provide a deeper understanding of the psychological and emotional aspects of travel, including the motivations, expectations, and experiences of different types of travelers.
  6. Improve Travel Experience: By understanding the psychological needs of travelers, a travel psychology course can help individuals to design, market, and deliver travel experiences that are more fulfilling and enjoyable for travelers.
  7. Personal Growth: Taking a travel psychology course can also be beneficial for personal growth and self-awareness, as it can help individuals to better understand their own travel motivations and preferences.
  8. Impact on Communities: Understanding the psychological impact of tourism on communities and destinations can help individuals to make more informed decisions about travel and to support sustainable tourism practices.

Overall, a travel psychology course can help individuals to understand and appreciate the psychological aspects of travel, and to use this knowledge to improve the travel experience for themselves and others.

When will the Capstone Course take place?

The Travel Psychology Capstone Couse will be offered on-field and experiential to learn first hand.

Important dates:

⇒  5th Feb 2023 – 11th Feb 2023
⇒  On field 7 Days Experiential
⇒  Location – GOA

How much is the tuition?

Travel Psychology Capstone Course Tuition: 

  • Energy exchange for the everyone is INR. 40,999/-
  • With Republic Day Freedom Offering it is now at INR. 32,799/-
  • Around 21+ resource materials, workbook and tools are included
  • Includes Certification & Bonus Reward
  • Includes accommodation, food & experiences on field for 7 days.
  • Once registered, the course the fee is non-refundable. 

Why should you take the Travel Psychology Course?

  • Educational benefits
    • Be a part of One-of-a-kind applied course with the travel psychologist
    • Acquire necessary knowledge and tools to become a mindful traveller
    • Be eligible to join our Travel Psychology Program (HumanX) to put theory into practice 
  • Networking opportunities
    • Collaborate with like-minded students and the Mandeha team.
    • Join our growing global community 
    • Build relationships in our Alumni network
  • Career advantages
    • Earn professional credentials for your resume (certificate)
    • Present your capstone project to Mandeha and partners for work.
    • Attend future events and be a Travel Psychology ambassador

How to apply in Travel Psychology Course ?

You can confirm your reservation by paying the tuition energy exchange. Upon successful payment, we will share you course manual with all information.