Counselling Psychology

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What does a Counselling Psychologist do?

A Counselling Psychologist / Psychotherapist helps dealing  with mental and emotional health issues. They help in getting clarity about self, way to deal & heal with problems in life, situational issues.

They empower the being to face the problems and successfully dealing with it or accepting it. It’s therapy where a professional will listen to you, give you insights, different coping strategies and ways to help yourself in above stated situations.

Counselling Services

Individual Counselling
Marriage & family therapy
Couple counselling
Group counselling
Relationship counselling
Screening Parameters

We can help you …….




Control Emotions

Relationship issues

Break ups

Decision making

Mood disorders​

Body image issues

Low self esteem

Low on confidence

Career Change


Work Pressure

Career Counselling

10+ years of Experience

Career Counselling

Explore and Find out your Most Suitable Career Path Out of 20 Career Clusters, 160 + Career Paths and 3000+ Occupations.

Therapies used by Counselling Psychologist​

Client Centered Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ​(CBT)

Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)

Marriage and Family Therapy

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How does Counselling Psychology Benefits Me?


Our Happy Clients!

Therapy sessions has been one of the main things that has helped me through tough times. Therapist gives you the space and time to understand your own thoughts while also giving cognitive tools to navigate the said thoughts in a more rational way. This helps me understand my boundaries and helps me figure out how to be vocal about them.
I would highly recommend her for anyone struggling with mental health issues.
Himali Mandavawala
Google Review
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