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Mandeha Privacy Policy

At Mandeha, safeguarding your privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of your entrusted information is our utmost priority. Please carefully review our Privacy Policy, as it delineates the principles and procedures governing the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information from our users. We ensure client anonymity and adhere to stringent confidentiality policies, transmitting all personal and health information through a highly secure environment. It is advisable not to utilize our website, mobile application(s), or related services if any terms in this Privacy Policy conflict with the applicable laws of your country.


  • Company: Mandeha, “”, “Company”, “Firm”, “we”, “our”, “us”, “Service Provider,” or similar terms refer to “Mandeha – Psychology for all” or “Mandeha Journeys” the providers of services detailed in this document.
  • User: “Client,” “user,” “you,” “your,” or similar terms denote you, the user of the Mandeha website, mobile application(s), and recipient of our services and resources as outlined in this document.
  • Platform: “Platform” or similar terms encompass any mobile app, website, or web links utilized by the user to access services provided by Mandeha.
  • Psychological Wellness Professional: “sports psychologist” “travel psychologist” “Psychological Wellness Practitioner,” “Psychological Wellness Professional,” “Wellness Professional,” “therapist,” “wellness advisor,” “expert,” “doctor,” “consultant,” or similar terms denote the Psychological Wellness Practitioner affiliated with Mandeha.

Mandeha stands committed to these privacy principles as we provide a range of services, including counselling, travel psychology, sports psychology, and more.

Nature of Service

Mandeha is a comprehensive psychological wellness platform dedicated to providing emotional wellness products and services to individuals and organizations. Our offerings extend to organizational wellness programs, catering to employees and individuals associated with various organizations. The diverse range of Mandeha services includes:

  1. Consultations:
    • Online and face-to-face consultations facilitated by authorized Psychological Wellness Professionals endorsed by Mandeha.
  2. Assessments and Tests:
    • Periodic self-assessments and psychological tests to enhance self-awareness and well-being.
  3. Workshops/Programs and Courses/Webinars:
    • Engaging workshops / programs and courses/webinars conducted by skilled Psychologist i.e. Psychological Wellness Professionals.
  4. Self-Help Tools and Programs:
    • Access to a variety of self-help tools, content, and programs delivered through multiple channels, including websites, mobile applications, and emails.
  5. Guide Chat Packs:
    • Encrypted private messaging for clients to interact with their Psychological Wellness Professional, complementing online consultations.
  6. User Participation:
    • Engaging in user forums, contributing to topics, providing replies, comments, feedback, and participating in blogs and other platform submissions.

Mandeha reserves the right to modify its service offerings by adding or removing products without prior notification. The collective term for the aforementioned services is referred to as “Services.”


By utilizing the Mandeha platform, providing your Personal Information, or engaging with the platform’s features, you explicitly consent to the collection, storage, processing, disclosure, and transfer of your Personal Information as outlined in this Privacy Policy and in accordance with Indian data privacy laws.

You acknowledge that the provision of your Personal Information is voluntary, whether directly to Mandeha, through a third party, or your organization. You have the option to refrain from providing the requested personal information and can withdraw your consent at any time by notifying us in writing at If accessing the platform through a third party or your organization, you must explicitly communicate the withdrawal of consent in writing to them, and they, in turn, will inform Mandeha accordingly.

Failure to provide Personal Information or withdrawal of consent may result in Mandeha being unable to fulfill the intended purposes, and your platform usage may be restricted.

Personal Information

To facilitate your interaction with Mandeha’s services, we collect personal information provided directly by you, a third party, or your organization. This may include details such as your name, phone number, emergency contact, gender, occupation, hometown, personal interests, email address, reasons for appointment cancellations with a healthcare professional, medical history, and other information required by the Wellness Professional. The information is collected through responses, in-app inputs, assessments, or feedback.

The primary purpose of collecting Personal Information is to provide you with a seamless, efficient, and personalized experience on the platform. This information allows users to create accounts and profiles for interaction with wellness professionals. Mandeha may use your Personal Information to:

  • Identify and contact you.
  • Resolve service and billing issues via telephone or email.
  • Assist in scheduling and managing appointments.
  • Provide information, products, services, and newsletters.
  • Understand user needs and interests.
  • Conduct statistical research in an anonymous manner.
  • Detects and protects against error, fraud, and criminal activity.
  • Comply with applicable laws.
  • Enhance and improve the platform’s services.

Your Personal Information is used by Wellness Professionals and app algorithms to assess your condition and tailor programs/ services or digital experiences. In instances where third-party tools are employed, only essential information is shared. Mandeha is committed to preserving the privacy and integrity of your Personal Information. If you wish to stop receiving certain communications, contact us at

Updating Personal Information

If there are changes to your Personal Information or you need to correct/update it for any reason, please send the necessary updates or corrections to us at We will make all reasonable efforts to incorporate these changes within a reasonable timeframe. If you’ve provided Personal Information through a third-party platform, you must contact the third-party platform for updates.

For users with stored profiles on the Mandeha platform, you can independently update your Personal Information through our website or mobile application(s).

Certain information, such as responses to online assessments, may be irrevocably submitted and cannot be updated or deleted. If you wish to have your records removed from our system, contact us at While we will attempt to fulfill your request, legal obligations may require us to retain specific information (e.g., payment history, feedback) for a prescribed period, even after account deletion.

Please be aware that some information may persist in our databases and records beyond our efforts to delete it. We are obligated to retain certain data in compliance with professional standards and legal requirements. Use of as contact information for Mandeha.

Use of Your Information

We collect your information to ensure the safety of our platform users and guests who make bookings through Mandeha Journeys for our partner properties. This information is crucial for understanding who is accommodated at our partner establishments and contributes to the safety of our staff. Additionally, website user and guest data are collected for statistical analysis, including details such as nationality, date of birth, and gender.

When you visit our websites, your IP address is automatically logged for website management and to gather broad demographic information for analytical purposes. For reservations, confirmation emails are sent to clients/ guests, necessitating the collection of email addresses. Exceptions may arise when contacting previous guests regarding post or lost property.

Reservation Data

To confirm a session or Journey with us, we typically require the following information:

  • Your name
  • Telephone or mobile number (for emergency purposes)
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Identification data (e.g., Passport, Driving License details)
  • Credit card details (including the three-digit code on the back)
  • Date of arrival and departure for Travel journeys
  • Email address
  • For travel journeys, when reaching the destination, we request the same details from accompanying travellers to streamline and expedite the check-in procedure effectively.

Credit Card Data

To guarantee sessions/bookings, we collect a full 16-digit debit/credit card number, the name on the card, card type (VISA, MasterCard, or Maestro), three-digit security code, and expiry date. This information is solely used to secure bookings, and charges are only applied if the cancellation procedure is not followed.

Website Security

While the Internet is not entirely secure, we employ security procedures, including firewalls, to block unauthorized traffic to our website.

Third-Party Websites

Our website contains links to third-party websites promoting their businesses. Mandeha disclaims responsibility for data use and reservations made through third-party websites/agents, and users are advised to refer to their relevant privacy policies and terms and conditions.


We utilize “cookies” to enhance your experience on the Mandeha platform. Cookies are small data files transferred to your device’s hard disk for record-keeping purposes. There are two primary purposes for our use of cookies. Firstly, persistent cookies may store your user credentials for future logins to the Services. Secondly, session ID cookies facilitate specific features of the Services and help us understand how users interact with and navigate the platform. Unlike persistent cookies, session cookies are deleted when you log off and close your browser.

We may collaborate with third parties that place or read cookies on your browser to enhance your user experience. By using third-party services through our platform, you implicitly consent to their Privacy Policy and terms of use. Mandeha cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from such use.

You have the option to instruct your browser, through its settings, to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting cookies from visited websites. It’s important to note that if you choose not to accept cookies, some features or functionalities of the platform may be unavailable.

Disclosing Clients Personal Information to Third Parties

Except for the stated purposes in this policy, we will not disclose any personal information without your explicit permission, unless compelled by legal obligations (e.g., court order or fraud prevention).

Persons Below The Age of 18

Our Services, website, and mobile application(s) are not intended for individuals under the age of 18. We do not knowingly solicit anyone under the age of 18 to independently participate in any of our Services.

Changes To Policy

Mandeha reserves the right to modify or remove any part of the Privacy Policy without prior notice or liability to any third party. If significant changes are made in the way we handle your Personal Information or in the Privacy Policy, we may make reasonable efforts to display a notice on the website or send you an email, allowing you to review the altered terms before continuing to use the platform.

If you disagree with any changes to our terms and no longer wish to use the platform, you can contact Mandeha to discontinue using our platform and deactivate your account if you are directly registered with us. If you are signed up on our platform using a third-party platform or accessing our Services through your employer, you will need to contact the third-party platform or your employer to deactivate your account or cease using our Services.

Unless otherwise stated, our current Privacy Policy applies to all information Mandeha has about you and your account. Using the Services on the websites or mobile application(s) after receiving notice of a change or after it has been published on our website constitutes your consent to the modified terms. Use the reference and draft for Mandeha accordingly.


  1. All applicable payments for Mandeha services must be made before availing services.
  2. Session booking(s)/ Journey bookings will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment by Mandeha.
  3. If accessing services through a third-party or organization, session booking(s)/ journey bookings won’t be confirmed until payment is received by Mandeha.
  4. All purchases expire 3 months from the date of purchase.

Fee Information

  1. For individual users, session fees depend on the selected psychological wellness expert.
  2. For users accessing sessions through their organization (beyond included sessions), fees per session depend on the selected psychological wellness expert and specific arrangements.

Cancellation, Reschedule, and Refund

  1. Mandeha’s policy offers flexibility: users can reschedule, cancel, or claim a refund on cancelled sessions.
  2. Session Reschedule: 
    a. At least 24 hours in advance: Free Reschedule
    b. Within 24 hours: Needs to be booked as a new session, payment may apply
  3. Session Cancellation and Refund:
    a. Cancellation by the User: – At least 24 hours in advance: 100% Session Refund or 100% Cash Refund if applicable
    b. Within 24 hours: No Session Refund
    c. For cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance, users have three options: (i) Book a new session at the time of cancellation with the same expert. (ii) Take a session credit on the Mandeha platform, valid for future bookings. (iii) Take a refund back to the original payment method (if applicable) by writing to
    d. Refund will be processed in 5-7 working days.
  4. Cancellation by Mandeha Expert:
    a. If the session is cancelled by the Mandeha expert, the user receives a session credit, which can be used within the validity period or claimed as a cash refund within the validity period by contacting
  5. Session Delayed/Technical Issues:
    Refunds for incomplete sessions due to unforeseeable reasons from Mandeha’s end will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Users can for assistance.

Cancellation Policy for Mandeha Journeys - Travel Programs

  1. Refund Eligibility:
    a. Cancellation made before 21 days from the scheduled journey date qualifies for a refund.
    b. Cancellation within 21 days of the scheduled journey date is not eligible for a refund.
  2. Refund Calculation:
    a. For cancellations made before 21 days:
         i. A full refund will be issued.
        ii. Taxes will be deducted from the refund amount.
       iii. Refund will be processed in 5-7 working days.
  3. No Refund Within 21 Days:
    a. Cancellations made within 21 days of the scheduled journey date are not eligible for any refund.
  4. Cancellation Process:
    a. Users can initiate the cancellation process through the Mandeha platform or by contacting
  5. Refund Processing Time:
    a. Refunds, when eligible, will be processed within a reasonable time frame.

Note: The refund amount after deduction of taxes for cancellations before 21 days will be communicated to the user during the cancellation process.


Jurisdictional policies of Mandeha have been drafted in accordance and compliance with Indian laws. Any and all disputes arising between the user and Mandeha with regards to this Policy, including the interpretation of the terms of this Policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai, India.

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