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At Mandeha, we offer not just itineraries, but journeys of self-discovery and wellness. Where individuals can shed their everyday persona and embrace the transformative potential of travel. But this personal Everest requires the right gear: Mental Wellness.

Think of us as your travel sherpa, your inner compass, your mental fitness coach. We blend the science of travel psychology with the thrill of exploration, empowering you to conquer anxieties, embrace challenges, and transform every trip into a catalyst for wellness or personal growth.

Our Values

Why Should you choose us?

World Leading Expert

We are first Travel Psychologist utilizes travel in action to enhance wellness.

Best Therapy Outcomes

We only offer therapies that are proven to be effective.

Careful Tailored Therapy

We understand and will always blend our approach to your needs.

Values Driven Intentions

Wellness or Personal growth, irrespective of the intent we value your journey.

Our Work Story

Mitesh Mandeha about us
I'm the CEO, they said !!!

Mitesh Jain

Founder & Chief Psychologist
Expertise in Sports and Travel Psychology.

Mandeha is the first company focusing on travel psychology based services. We help you achieve the perfect balance between mind and body through wellness travel. The vision is to make travel a reality solution rather than escape for quality of life. 

Having merged with Rigpa Centre, Mandeha’s 8+ years of expertise is evolved by the power of Sports Psychology as a positive well-being enhancement to sports academies and athletes. We bring a unique approach in Esports & Sport Psychology to help create, evolve, and effectively develop a winning culture and champion mindset.

We at Mandeha, being Pioneers of Travel Psychology, the tourism industry are adapting to this on-going change that is having a major impact in wellness travel. In our 7+ years of considerable time as travel psychologists while working with international organizations developing the travel psychology as concept and creating full-time career opportunities for upcoming enthusiasts.

Winner of Eminent Alumni

Mitesh Jain was recognized for the contributions based on the work and achievements to society after graduating from respective institutes in the fields of Sports and Travel Psychology.

In 2019, As Psychology Department recognized Top 5 Alumni, I was honoured with the title of "Eminent Alumni."
In 2023, As IIPR stepped into 20 years of IIPR since its inception, I was honoured with the "Distinguished alumni award."


Our merger partner Rigpa Centre have played major role in winning. Many more to win, Persistence & Patience is key!

Global Health and Pharma Award
Best Mental Health Service Provider 2020 & 2022
IFAH logo s
International Forum on Advancement and Healthcare
Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award - Nominee 2019
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