About Mandeha

The Meaning of Mandeha

Mandeha, is a fusion of the Sanskrit words “Man” (mind) +  “Deha” (body) = Mandeha (Psychology).
This represents our core philosophy: the inseparable connection between mental and physical well-being.

Psychology-Driven Value & Performance

What makes us the best choice for your needs?

World Leading Expert

We are first Travel Psychologist utilizes travel in action to enhance wellness.

Best Training Outcomes

We only offer training that are proven to be effective.

Careful Tailored Therapy

We understand and will always blend our approach to your needs.

Values Driven Intentions

Wellness or Personal growth, irrespective of the intent we value your journey.

The Mandeha Mission

Mitesh Mandeha about us

Mitesh Jain

Founder & Chief Psychologist
(Sports, Performance and Travel)

Mandeha’s roots lie in understanding the transformative potential of stepping outside your comfort zone. Whether through the thrill of travel or the intensity of sports, we believe challenges are catalysts for growth. Our founder Mitesh Jain passion for mental wellness ignited the mission: to empower individuals to navigate life’s adventures with resilience.

Our expertise deepened through our merger with Rigpa Centre. We’ve infused our 8+ years of experience in performance with sports psychology principles. This unique blend helps athletes, adventurers, and everyday achievers cultivate mental toughness.

We believe mental strength translates far beyond the field or a distant destination. As industries recognize the power of wellness, we’re at the forefront of this evolution. Drawing from our legacy in travel psychology, we guide individuals towards unlocking their full potential – from pivotal career moments to enriching personal journeys.

Empowering Athletes, Adventurers, & Everyday Achievers

Who We Serve


Performance enhancement, overcoming mental blocks, building resilience, handling pressure.


Conquering stress & anxiety, embracing new experiences, maximizing the benefits of travel for personal growth.


Cultivating mental toughness for work, relationships, overcoming adversity, overall life satisfaction.

Our Performance: Awards

Mitesh Jain was recognized for the contributions based on the work and achievements to society after graduating from respective institutes in the fields of Sports and Travel Psychology.

In 2019, As Psychology Department recognized Top 5 Alumni, I was honoured with the title of "Eminent Alumni."
In 2023, As IIPR stepped into 20 years of IIPR since its inception, I was honoured with the "Distinguished alumni award."
Mandeha about GHP
Global Health and Pharma Award - Best Mental Health Service Provider 2020 & 2022
IFAH logo s Mandeha
International Forum on Advancement and Healthcare - Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award - Nominee 2019
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