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travel trend 2022

A look at what is crafted by psychology of travel trend 2023.

Travel Psychologist recently researched about trending intention a.k.a purpose in travel, providing a look into what people around the world have been intending for in 2021 and what it could mean for trends in travel, health and wellbeing in 2023.

Here’s what Travel Psychologist predicts for travel trend 2023
and a look at some of its other soon-to-be trends.

As Mandeha the Founder and Chief Travel Psychologist (Mitesh Jain) and Head of Core Travelinks (Surender Behl) explained, the “not-yet-trending” intentions and its coordinating social media are based on the kinds of visual content being on internet by more than 400 million users, to over five billion content search. With at least 240 billion content produced worldwide, a whopping 95% of people say they’ve used social media as a source of inspiration and motivation to help get them through these uncertain times as well as a place to plan future trips.

travel trend 2023 by travel psychology

People will continue to plan future travels

Just because we can’t travel as freely right now doesn’t mean it will be like this forever. Now is the time to plan the epic vacations we’ll take later, and Mandeha Allies agree, with the report showing a 50% increase in searches for luxury vacation ideas, a 55% rise in searches for romantic honeymoon destinations, a 35% uptick in searches for mountain travel and seven times as many searches as usual for dream vacations. A 100% rise in searches for forest resorts also indicates people will prefer trips to less-crowded places as we head into 2023.

travel trend 2023

Road trips to the great outdoors will remain popular in travel trend 2023

As the report says, “Nomadding is the new purpose,” with trips to more isolated and natural settings continuing to be a trend in 2023. With socially distant outdoor activities like hiking, RV camping and stargazing becoming more popular this year, we can look forward to seeing more national park road trips and cabin-in-the-woods rentals next year, especially with a growing interest in #vanlife and digital nomad adventures as companies and schools continue to allow remote working and learning. Mandeha Allies also saw a 165% increase in searches for stargazing and wild flower fields, while other search terms including motorcycle tents, nomad aesthetic and RV accessories saw an increase of 100%, 80% and 40%, respectively.

travel trend 2023

Cars will be used for more than just driving

Social Media reports double the amount of searches for the search term car date night, an 190% increase in searches for drive-in cinema, and an 115% hike in searches for car man cave, showing that people are turning to their vehicles for other things besides driving. A 60% rise in searches for car survival kits and a 100% increase in searches for dog car seats shows people are also interested in road trips with the whole family in tow, including their fur babies.

travel trend 2023

Recipes will be based on international cultural favorites

Searches for tomatillo enchilada sauce, Cajun chicken pasta and hot honey recipes rose by 75%, 55% and 155%, respectively, while social media saw double the usual amount of searches for flavor coffee, jalapeño pepper jelly, meaning people are taking the time to try spicier flavors and cook a wide range of international cultural dishes. They’re also attempting fancier gourmet meals featuring expert-looking plating and garnishes as well as experimenting with specially made charcuterie boards for breakfast, dessert and brunch.

travel trend 2023
Japanese Cultural Arts

Hobbies will be inspired by international activities

If you can’t travel the world, why not bring the world to you? Mandeha Allies explored an increase in searches for global-inspired hobbies like ancient Egyptian architecture and Jyotish astrology and arts and crafts projects like Irish quilting patterns, Japanese carpentry, and Persian calligraphy art. There’s also been a rise in searches for crochet basics, aesthetic embroidery, bottle painting, leatherworking, glass etching, candle making and other hands-on activities.

travel trend 2023

Comfort and coziness will reign supreme in travel trend 2023

In terms of fashion, a new trend called “athflow,” meant to combine “athleisure” and elegance, has been making an appearance in social media keywords searches, with people seeking flowy pants, oversized outfits and co-ords jumpsuits that can be worn everywhere from the office to the yoga mat. Trends in coziness include shawls, puffy jackets, quilted clothing, slouchy socks and other “cocoon” wear, while customized, personalized clothing remains a hot topic for Generation Z.

travel trend 2023

People will keep it simple or own their own style

There seem to be two distinct camps when it comes to well-being in people: those who are taking advantage of these pandemic times to tone down their body shape and aim for a more natural, healthy lifestyle and those who go all out with bold and colorful lifestyle, statement-making expenses, complicated lifestyle and emoji-inspired everyday drama.

Travel Psychologist Predictions

According to Mandeha Allies, fancy stays for your trip and luxury will be a top trend as people lean toward more individualized stylings to match their interest. Because of the pandemic, event planning will stick to the basics, with low-key travel ideas and exploration developments continuing to be big in 2023. Other trends—using psychology of travel to grow your personal lifestyle, teach your kids from travel experience, learn about mindfulness as a family and choose alternate travel experience like nature trails, snorkelling, culture close, sustainable and much more—saw a rise in searches in 2022, as did topics related to travel psychology, minimalist travel designers and maximizing experience around travel. Searches for modern mysticism, spiritualism, ritual cleansing and sleep-inducing travel routines are also on the rise as people continue to invest in their mental wellbeing and make sure they get enough rest.

travel trend 2023

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