Gaming Hacks To Achieve Excellent Reflexes from Esports Psychologist

Gaming hacks Esports psychology

One great, very short exercise to calm your body before you do anything important, just anything in your life is to inhale twice and exhale long. It is that simple. The best way is to double inhale through your nose and exhale via your mouth. That activates the sigh neurons which triggers the so-called calming reflex. The latter can be described as the parasympathetic arm of the nervous system is psychological gaming hacks.

Inhale twice through the nose and exhale long by mouth.

Repeat this a few times to reset your autonomic nervous system faster than any other mechanism known to humanity.

All we are doing here is influencing the subset of neurons which are inside your brain stem. Since the body communicates with the brain through the phrenic nerve from the diaphragm, the message simply says, “Calm down; you are now relaxed”. Certain patterns of breathing will calm you just like you were entering a hypnotic state.

By repeating this exercise, you are falling into a state of meditation because it shuts off the frontal cortex and changes the brain waves. You will experience elevated states due to an increase in oxygen and will learn faster. The neurochemicals like acetylcholine are going to be at higher levels than they normally would be. It is all up to bringing oneself to that heightened state of alertness, of staying focus via controlling the relationship that the brain and body have. You can alternatively try the set of famous Wim Hof methods which I will not describe here, but which are easy to find for Gaming hacks.

Gaming hacks Esports psychology
Esports Mobile Reflexes Exercise

Gaming hacks for Psychology of Esports Athletes Reflexes

Continuing with the reflex improving techniques. The general idea of gaming hacks about enhancing your mind and muscles in that area is to do things faster and with bigger precision. Practice makes perfect they say, and it is awfully true. With every day passed in your life while playing BGMI, CS: GO or any given game, your reflexes become better.

This is laborious work; however, thanks to various exercises described in this whole book that you can do offline and elevate your skills to a higher level. If you regularly practice different things from all chapters, I am sure that you will be a much better player or streamer with your reflexes, creativity, speechcraft, memory, overall physical condition and others largely enhanced.

Here are a few short and fun exercises you can do.

Pick up a small ball and bounce it from the wall. You can also use the ping-pong ball because it’s lighter so that you won’t break anything at your house.

If you can find someone to train with, then please do. He or she will have to be sitting opposite or next to you and be very helpful at throwing something or trying to touch a thing that you will try to touch as well. You can ask your colleague, brother or sister or anyone you are living with.

Gaming hacks
Team work is the Pro Athlete work

Mental Exercise no.1

You and your friend are sitting at the table opposite to each other. There are things of similar shape on that table lying on a straight line, so each of you has an equal distance to each one of them. The first person is moving the hand very rapidly to touch any of those. The other person is trying to touch it faster.

Change after several tries. From time to time, you can try to fool your friend by Gaming hacks of moving your hand. Only in the direction of one thing and change it very fast at the very last moment to touch the other thing.

Gaming hacks Esports psychology
PC Gaming Exercise

Mental exercise no. 2

You and your friend are standing in front of each other with your arms at chest level. You have your hands (fingers) pointing up, and you keep them under your opponent while he or she has hands kept flat. The trick for you is to slap your opponent’s hands from above either both or only one. You have to move very fast as your friend can take them back.

You can practise in similar ways with many small objects like coins, for example, by putting them off the top of your hand and then trying to catch them with your hands open. Also, you can move a coin between your fingers or buy yourself one of those jelly balls you can squish and play with. This will reduce your stress levels as well.

I can also recommend these psychological skills training programs which have been designed to train various skills. You might already know them as they have been around for some time: Mental Skills Trainings

To help your eyesight, you can palm your eyes which will relax them. During the day, try looking at different distances from time to time (a famous rule 20-20-20 which stands for: every 20 minutes look at something 20 meters away for 20 seconds). For nighttime, you can use a skin cream on your face as those have lots of minerals. Just ask your woman for one; they know all about it. You won’t get that many nutrients from normal food, so it is best to apply good skin cream directly.

For Mental Routines, Blocks and Skills always seek for Sport Psychologist.

If you are interested in this field, contact us for free consultations about the requirements, duties, solutions, and other considerations about sports psychology.

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