From City Stress to Mountain Love: Traveler Escape

Traveler Escape

That wasn’t always the case for traveler escape, as urban life-styler like us would flock to cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore to find the capital and people we needed to build something incredible (I lived in all of them). We’d convince ourselves that our 850 square foot apartment (with roommates!) made sense. Because if we weren’t here, we would never have a shot at future glory!

And we were mostly right — for a time.

Living in an overpriced city is now a choice, not a requirement.

– Spiti Scout

But the requirements of being in a big, overpriced city have changed dramatically. For the first time in Traveler Escape, we can do nearly all the things we did in a big city from the comfort of our own (much cheaper) home. In a new era of Slack, social media, and zoom, the high frequency of connections no longer happens in conference rooms and networking events — they happen online. We can raise capital, recruit talent, and work remotely without ever having to leave our house.

Considering a move from the city to improve my quality of life. What might I lose, and what could I gain with this Traveler Escape?

Traveler Escape

Today’s Insights on Traveler Escape by Travel Psychologist

“Holy Cow, I Can Afford a House!”

Yes, fellow Travellers, we can afford a house. Every single Traveller and their staff have spent countless hours on web apps comparing what they could get in their hometown aka hill stations versus what they are paying in rent in an expensive city. It’s insane.

We’ll hear people say, “I can’t believe how cheap travelling in these other cities!” which is the wrong way to think about it. Things aren’t cheaper in other cities; they are overpriced in a handful of cities we chose to live in. What we see in other cities is what travel plans are supposed to cost, and yes, we can already afford them.

But more importantly, so can our travel plans, which should be our bigger concern. Traveler Escape to an expensive city may be a stretch for us but imagine the toll it takes on our entire life which makes sense than it does, and how frustrated it look forward to starting a family or even still, breaking up with the 3 roommates.

Pun intended!!!

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Traveler Escape

Shred the Cost, Load up on Resources!

The fastest way to make more travel plans is to pay less for things. We can easily relate to this on a personal level when we’re thinking about travelling and personal expenses, but let’s zoom out a bit and think about this as it relates to our life expenses.

We’re likely paying 2x or more on nearly every expense for our daily life entertainment plans, from parting and expensive shopping to even dumb stuff like expensive food and coffee. Traveler Escape must ask ourselves — is this the most efficient use of our valuable lifestyle? No, it’s probably not. There was a time when the only way to travel or reconnect with people was to absorb these ludicrous costs, except it’s just not anymore.

Shredding our costs has a huge impact on lifestyle, from extending our runway to allowing us to afford twice as many resources at the same cost. Twice as many! What Travel plans could possibly say “I want half the resources because I have to be in Kashmir & Ladakh?” (Lived there, loved it, too exhaustive).

Traveler Escape

Import the Environment, Export the Traveler

If we’re so hung up on living in an overpriced city, we also have the option of staying in said city and letting the travel plans be intentional towards self. At Mandeha – Travel Psychology we have intended to make travel about self and every single person travels intentionally, and we’ve been doing it for past few years. It works, it’s awesome, and we’re certainly not alone in doing it.

This allows our travel psychologist to go find what works for Traveler Escape. Maybe they want to live in a big city, and by all means, they can. But maybe they want to live in the mountains, or next to a beach, or in the middle of frigging nowhere — it doesn’t matter. Let’s give our travelers the freedom to build the lives that they want, where they want, without stressing them.

Let’s look at this new generation of travel plans as a fantastic opportunity to increase our optionality, wellbeing (personal and professional). And let’s just get nutty here, create the lives that we’ve always wanted, not those that we were shoehorned into.

Winter Spiti Valley Trip Travel Psychology journey for traveler escape

Tangible Travel Tool (TTT) for Traveler Escape full of insights.

TTT is so flexible that they can help your travel experiences. That they want to give you some “personal insights” about your journey you completed. That’s right, if you are a decision-maker just take a free trial with TTT today and just to take a look—no risk, no commitment.

Planning and budgeting are the name of the game when it comes to Travel plans. As a result, the success of a new journey depends in large part on the Traveler’s ability to scale as well as knowing when & where to crack down and stop overstressing and regain life flow.

The Travel Psychologist have made it their mission to help traveler’s grow and travel without exceeding intentions or overstressing everyday life. Tangible Travel Tool “TTT” is the first free and fully automated travel experience management platform. It includes all the features of travel insights automation, with the pesky hidden personal development. Within a matter of minutes, TTT gives you visibility and control to every part of your journey insights, including travel styles, personality, emotions, attitudes, skills and embodied traits. Try the Trail today.

Action for Escape into Reality

Forget Compensation, Let’s Talk Quality of Life. Let’s start with what improves our wellness and then figure out where travel comes in our life. Can Doing Non-TTT Stuff Help My Travel Life? – Sometimes the best way to grow ourselves is to spend some time doing stuff; that has everything to do with our life!

Work Life Balance – Stay longer. Work harder. Sleep less. As Traveler’s we’ve all gone through periods where this felt necessary. Learn how balancing life on mountains and your travel plans is actually beneficial for you and your life.

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