Esports Psychologist analyze India wins the Bronze medal in DOTA 2: CEC 2022

India wins the Bronze medal in DOTA 2 mandeha sports psychology

India has achieved a ground-breaking feat in the Esports segment at the recently concluded Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022. The India wins the bronze medal in DOTA 2 after an impressive fight with New Zealand with a final score of 2-0.

The occasion is important as this win came at the first-ever Commonwealth Esports Championships (CEC). This included DOTA 2, eFootball from Konami, and Rocket League Esports titles. The Indian teams competed in DOTA 2 and Rocket League at the tournament. Let’s evaluate the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022 and the bronze medal win for India in DOTA 2 here.

India wins the Bronze medal in DOTA 2

India wins the Bronze medal in DOTA 2

The team representing India on the international platform included Moin Ejaz, Shubham Goli, Abhishek Yadav, Ketan Goyal, and Vishal Vernekar. Revisiting the Bronze medal decider match, the team managed an easy win in the first game with the Radiant faction. The team managed to win the first match in just 30 minutes with a 38-11 score. Moving to the second match, both teams brought their A game for an intense competition. Both the teams were tied at neck-to-neck during the match before New Zealand committed a defensive move. This move helped the Indian team quickly wrap up the match to win the bronze medal.

Overall, the Indian team performed admirably during the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022 for DOTA 2. India has also won a bronze medal at the Asian Games 2018. Lokesh Suji, Director of Esports Federation of India and Vice President of the Asian Esports Federation said that the next stop will be Asian Games 2022, where Esports is a proper medal event. “Our focus is to excel in the tournament with multiple podium finishes and bringing the laurels for our country. The Esports community wants and requires esports to be recognised by the government as a sport in India to gain the benefits and support any sports community and athletes would receive,” said Lokesh Suji.

While there is a competitive scene for games such as DOTA 2 as well, it is quite small in comparison. But now that India wins the bronze medal in DOTA 2 at the Commonwealth, it is very much likely that all of it will be changing.

India’s Win in CEC 2022 – History to Future

It would be quite natural and expected, if there is a surge in the Indian DOTA 2 players in the country. If that happens it is also very much likely that the organizers would start hosting tournaments/events for it. Not to mention, just like there are popular video game streamers, and influencers for games such as Valorant, PUBG, etc., a lot of new names will come into the limelight after India wins the bronze medal in DOTA 2.

Esports Psychologist Reviewed India wins the Bronze medal in DOTA 2

At the very highest level of Esport (and other team invasion sports) athletes spend their days obsessing over controlling the game… They design their game models exploiting principles of play in order to make sure their team controls the game (in-game or out-of-game) … And that’s understandable, why wouldn’t you spend every waking hour preoccupied by this gameplay. When your team controls the game, then they give themselves a better chance to win the game.

But here’s the thing… That’s control at a behavioral level. Let’s dig a little deeper. How about this…

“The players were being able to take control of themselves in order to give themselves a better chance to use emotions in-game model to control the game.”

Our DOTA2 Indian athletes, as individuals and as a team, compete in their High-Performance Mindset (HPM). When HPM is present across the field or the pitch, then you can be safely assured that players are going to execute their responsibilities in your game model to the very best of their ability on that day.

We executed at HPM means: Attention…Intensity…Intent

Breaking that down further by Mitesh Jain, Chief Sports Psychologist at Mandeha:
“I want my players to focus on the task at hand (actions and responsibilities) in the present moment, and I want them to execute those tasks with a positive intent. When they do this, they will execute at an optimal intensity.”

Our athletes are working hard, but who said consistent high performance under pressure was easy. It’s simple to talk about but devilishly difficult to do.

And so there we have it!

As an Esports Psychologist with Esports Federation of India (ESFI) I’d put it to you that athletes who are training and competing at the very highest level are best served helping players learn to take control of themselves to be able to better use the game model to control the game… Together we are focusing on a High performance mindset and aiming for the Podium finish in future events.

Self-control promotes game control!

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