7 Ways Travel Changes Your Personality For The Better

Travel Changes Your Personality

There’s just something about travel that immediately heightens the senses and gets the heart pumping a beat faster. Something about exploring the unknown speaks to our primal, innate feeling of possibility. To be sure, travel changes your Personality, there can also be longer-lasting effects that stem from time away from home effects that impact you on a deep, identity-shifting level.

Here are seven ways that travel changes your personality

1. Looking at life from different vantage points.

When you stay in one place for extended periods of time, you begin to take the simple things for granted. When you travel, you realize the things you deal with every day, like brushing your teeth and taking the elevator to your apartment, are actually blessings. Looking at things from different perspectives helps one to truly understand and appreciate the aspects that went into its making. In addition, it shapes and evolves the manner in which you appraise your experiences. A virtue that is becoming more rare, courtesy the inclination towards materialism in today’s world. 

Travel Changes Your Personality

2. Welcoming spontaneity 

Once your perspective on life has been changed, unanticipated changes don’t derail you quite like they used to. You realize life is just life and things happen. And the way in which you react is what determines your mood and your course. Travelers don’t let things dissuade them from whatever it is they’re doing. Instead, they react accordingly and move along. Why? Because the journey is the destination, man!

3. Making new friends on travel changes your personality

Let’s get this out of the way, first and foremost. Facebook likes do not count as a means of keeping in touch. There is nothing more rewarding than making new alliances when you’re travelling, regardless of your agenda. Creating close friendships during your journey is a soulful way of bringing more meaning to both your life, as well as your trip on the whole. So next time you see an interesting person or a group whom you find interesting, start a meaningful conversation! And yes also remember to avoid coming off as a creep, there’s a line that’s not meant to be crossed; Just saying (you know we had to)

Travel Changes Your Personality

4. Getting out of the comfort zone!

The quickest way to get out of your comfort zone is to get the hell out of wherever you are and immerse yourself in a completely different culture. Watching the way people interact with one another and the land surrounding them is an eye-opening experience that can only be done in person. Stop living life through the lens. Get out there, and see it for yourself, and yes, motivate others to do so as well! 

5. Building your social skills

When you are traveling, you can’t help but meet new people. It’s beyond interesting to see the different way someone your age lives his or her life in comparison to yours. Zimmerman and Neyer found “the more that these travelers engaged with new people from different countries, the more that promoted goals related to openness. The idea of building social skills is not just to amicably interact with your surroundings, but to also bring a sense of intrapersonal clarity when you’re on your own; as your environment often shapes one’s internal experience.

Travel Changes Your Personality

6. Creativity galore!

One aspect that the greatest of artists and the most industrious of inventors had in common was travel, as absorbing the beauty of the world is often a precondition to the best of human creation. Giving yourself up to the vast intricacy, yet simplicity of the world gets those creative juices flowing for the insight and drive you need to get your next project. So, get your notebooks ready for some creative insights for your next journey!

7. Psychological Freedom

Instead of getting distracted and deterred by obstacles that appear in your path, you embrace them. Since your perspective has been changed, you aren’t as likely to simply throw in the towel. Instead, you’re more reactive to change and willing to work out a course of action that will benefit you in the long run.

Yes, travel changes your personality.

In conclusion, travel has a direct influence on one’s personality factors, in the way we interact with our external surroundings, as well as perceiving and experiencing things internally. This is extremely important, as it is not just to be aware of the changes through having an open mind, but to consciously apply them into our lives with intent and purpose.

Our team at Mandeha aims at achieving just this through our services, the Tangible Travel tool being the primary guiding force. 
So with this new information under your belt, it’s about time you get out there and start making insightful as well as tangible changes to your journeys! (and yes, think about us while you’re making them in travel minds 😀 )

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