5 Inspired Ways of Travelling with Strangers

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Solo travel is growing more popular every year, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to connect with other, like-minded people. There is so much to be learned by having a quick conversation with a reader on the bus, but for an even better experience, try having a late-night secret-sharing session with your new friend from the Himalayas. By travelling with strangers, you’ll make memories you can tell your grandkids and make friends they might even get to meet. 

Inspired by “Tamasha,” I decided to embrace the unknown and embark on a trip with strangers. Just like Ved’s transformative experience in the movie, I sought to break free from routine and discover a different side of myself through unexpected encounters and shared adventures.

“Most travel, and certainly the rewarding kind, involves depending on the kindness of strangers, putting yourself into the hands of people you don’t know and trusting them with your life.”

– Paul Therox

Embrace the Adventure of Travelling with Strangers

1. Combining your strengths

You’ll have a blast swapping travel tip, sharing staycation secrets, and taking photos of each other (for the Instagram feed, of course). And if, say, you’re in Gujarat and your new friends there really have to pee, you’ll finally be able to whip out your rusty high-school Gujarati and help them out.

2. Trip with Strangers is good company

When traveling with strangers, you’ll be able to decide if you want to be alone or if you want to socialize unlike traveling with family, who tend to smother you! You can hop on a stranger’s couch and start chatting with them about the awesome food you tried last week, or retreat to the quiet of your room when you’ve had enough. And if you simply love, love, love meeting new people and talking about life, you’ll never get bored.

3. Building your network

When traveling, you’re almost guaranteed to meet other open-minded, friendly, and adventurous people who will accept you for who you are. Who knows, maybe you can even invite them along on your next big adventure.

Travelling With Strangers

4. Establishing flexibility 

When you’re sharing a tiny hostel room with five people with whom you’ve never slept before, you’re bound to deal with some pretty weird people. By learning to accommodate other peoples’ differences, you’ll open your eyes to the fact that differences aren’t necessarily bad. Other people have different ways of doing things, but those ways are just as ours.

5. A very different encounter 

A person raised by parents in a small Indian town will have a different understanding of the world compared to someone who lived all by themselves. The more you hear about other people and their life stories, the wider your scope will be. It helps develop understanding and compassion. Talking to someone older might help you understand your parents or family better, and talking to someone younger could lead to a perspective you never considered.

So there you have it, five good reasons why you should travel with complete strangers. But remember they are strangers, so you should still take a few simple precautions to enhance your safety. If you are going off the beaten track with strangers, let family know where you are going. 

Travelling With Strangers

Create an experience of Traveling with Strangers

Plan and Research Together: Before embarking on your adventure, collaborate with your newfound travel companions to plan your trip. Share ideas, preferences, and must-visit destinations. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of unity and ensures everyone’s interests are considered.

Establish Clear Communication: Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful group travel experience. Set up a group chat or communication platform to keep everyone in the loop regarding schedules, activities, and important updates. Make sure everyone has access and understands how to use it.

Respect Personal Space and Boundaries: While traveling together, respect each other’s personal space and boundaries. Everyone has different comfort levels and needs. Understanding and accommodating these differences will lead to a more harmonious journey.

Share Expenses Fairly: Money can be a sensitive topic, so discuss and agree upon a fair and transparent way to split expenses. Whether it’s accommodation, meals, or transportation costs, a clear financial plan will reduce potential conflicts.

Foster Openness and Flexibility: Travel plans can change unexpectedly, so cultivate an open and flexible mindset. Embrace spontaneity and be willing to adapt to new opportunities or challenges that may arise during the trip.

Stay Safe Together: Safety should be a top priority when traveling with strangers. Share emergency contact information, establish a buddy system, and discuss safety protocols. Always look out for each other and trust your instincts.

Document Your Journey: Capture the moments and memories by documenting your journey through photos, videos, or a travel journal. Sharing these experiences can create lasting bonds and serve as a wonderful memento of your time together.

Conclusion to Travel with strangers

Traveling with strangers can be an exciting and rewarding adventure when approached with care, communication, and respect. By taking these small steps, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on a memorable journey, creating lasting friendships and unforgettable experiences along the way. Safe travels!

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