Lost in Perspective: Confessions of a Nomad Blogger

Confessions of a Nomad Blogger

Want to know why I cry more often over slow internet connections than breathtaking sunsets? Or how I crave a home-cooked meal more than any Michelin-starred experience? Read on and get ready for a wild ride through the unfiltered world as Confessions of a nomad blogger.

Forget the postcard-perfect scenes. Think Wi-Fi woes and missing home-cooked meals. This ain’t your typical travelogue. Dive into the real story of a nomad blogger: the loneliness, the hustle, the sacrifices. Prepare to be surprised, maybe uncomfortable, but definitely hooked. This is the unfiltered diary, where the truth is as raw as the internet connection.

WTF? Confessions of a Nomad Blogger

As a Travel blogger, no one really understands WTF we do other than another Nomadics. Our lives are basically exploring a bunch of places where the experiential conversation goes something like this:

Friend: “So, how is that nomad thing you’re doing?”

Nomadic: “It’s going well (not true), but the money on ROI is pretty stagnant and I don’t know if I’ll be able to raise another round of cash for upcoming journeys.”

Friend: “Oh, OK. So what is it that you do again?”

Confessions of a Nomad Blogger

“Every time I speak to people about what I do as a travel blogger, I get this glazed look like I’m speaking alien. Why is it that no one understands what I do, and why do I keep explaining it over and over with no progress? Am I just really bad at explaining?”

– Confessions of a Nomad Blogger

Does this sound familiar? Look, I’ve been a Travel Psychologist for nearly 8+ years and to this day most of my family thinks “I do something with tourism.” This is pretty standard fare, but for first-time confessions of a Nomad blogger, it often feels like this bizarre version of the Matrix that we’re living in where we’re the only people that really know what’s going on.

01 Confessions of a Nomad Blogger

What We Do Makes No Sense

Let’s not overlook the fact that the reason no one understands what we really do is because it makes no sense. Sane people (you know, the ones who aren’t us) get jobs that pay, offer breaks, and even promise raises. Crazy, right? Idiots like us seem way too optimistic about the idea of risking everything we have, exploring parts of earth that no one may want, and likely never getting paid in the process.

Confessions of a Nomad Blogger

So, before we even wonder why we have to keep explaining what we do, let’s not forget that our version of life goes against everything a rational person would do for a living. So, we’re not just explaining the product we sell, we’re explaining an entire lifestyle, which most people just can’t comprehend.

Confessions of a Nomad Blogger

02 Confessions of a Nomad Blogger

Only travel blogger Really Get Nomadic lifestyle.

I have a good friend who is a Special Forces officer in the Indian Military. At our BBQs, he will update me on what he’s up to. Now, at a high level I understand what he does — I’ve seen every 90’s action movie, and I’m sure that’s 100% accurate as to what his job is — but unlike him, I’ve never been shot at! I know what he does in theory, but I have never experienced it, which is how you really know it.

Our friends understand that we travel and that’s our living. But they aren’t lying awake at 3 a.m. wondering how the hell they are going to make payroll next week (and the week after that). A bad day at work for them probably doesn’t mean losing all of their life savings, having everyday stressors come after them for content creations, and angry mobs of social media algorithms to change plans with really inappropriate memes.

But Nomadic bloggers get that instantly. When we share our same update with another travel blogger, they not only understand the context of what we said, they understand the feeling of what we said. They get the consequences as they are truly felt.

Confessions of a Nomad Blogger – Just Make it Easy

Trying to express the full nuance of our work, with its constant blend of risk and failure, feels almost futile. It’s far more effective to translate our efforts into digestible content – written, audio, or visual – that resonates with “reasonable people.” But when someone asks what I do, I simplify it to “I help people create meaningful travel experiences.” Unfortunately, the conversation usually hits a dead end within seconds.

For travel bloggers and tourism businesses, we can dive deep into the specifics. But for the general public, a “caveman explanation” keeps things clear and engaging.

Pun intended – But yes, grandma, I love you dearly, and I’m still doing that thing with the computer.

Nomadics Need to Explore Self

Forget the myth of building a world-changing startup while globetrotting and living your “best life.” For most, that’s a recipe for burnout, not success. But the problem isn’t the dream itself, it’s our approach.

We’re not defined by our responsibility to the planet. We pour our hearts into it, but our self-worth shouldn’t hinge on its fate.

That’s where Mandeha comes in. From consultancy and courses to training tools and virtual guidance, we help you navigate the complexities of being human in a demanding world.

Want to Travel for yourself?

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