Travel Tangible Tool
What is TTT ?
Developed by the Mandeha team, the Travel Tangible Tool (TTT) is a product based on the ‘LEGIT’ model & 150+ scientific researches, which provide profound psychological insights from travel, along with its key learnings and benefits, which gives rise to a pool of quality experiences through crafted individual/group reports. It is a well-planned travel process that identifies a traveller's lens of the world around them, and amplifies it significantly.
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TTT covers your travel life
This innovative moderation tool will get your travel insights into your
  • Travel styles
  • Travel Personality Profile,
  • Emotional learnings,
  • Skills and abilities
  • Embodied Learning traits
To create intentional, expressive, purposeful, guided maps for personal and professional life enhancing overall wellbeing with quality of life after every journey at Mandeha.
Experience How
TTT Can Help You With
Increasing Self-Awareness
TTT profiles can help you understand your own reality and priorities. The rich narrative of all the TTT insightful reports is a powerful tool that provides an in-depth analysis of your travel experiences. It gives insights into the strengths and challenges of each style and can pave the way for sustained self-improvement.
Strength of Understanding Others
We work with and meet numerous people every day. Sometimes we understand their behaviour and at times are shocked by it! Knowing the behavioural style of people around us can bridge gaps in our understanding and result in true empathy.
Identifying novel learnings
Understanding the TTT reports not only enhances self-awareness but also enables people to recognize the life styles towards community based sustained changes. This understanding is the basis for developing effective life as well as workplace relationships.
Enhance your self-adaptiveness
The final and most critical outcome of TTT based journeys is novel perspectives of adapting to new learned skills and embodied traits. The key message of any Travel experience is completing intentions with focus on fun, excitement, happiness and overall learnings into enhancing wellbeing with quality of life.
Why use TTT
TTT is newly used in the travel space to bring greater understanding of human behaviour and thereby creating effective and healthy relationships with intentional journeys. TTT can be used for numerous development interventions through every travel experience via travel psychologist moderation and guidance. TTT brings objectivity and scientifically researched theories that multiply the impact of any experience, learnings, embodied traits, intervention, manifold.
TTT is based on the LEGIT travel Model and is a result of decades of research. In fact, Travel Tangible Tool (TTT), is the first ever tool capturing travel experience tools!
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Legit Model
“LEGIT Travel’’ Model is likely to be efficiently characterized by a sophisticated balance of the above 5 elements.
How to apply TTT?
For Personal growth, learnings and travel life. The tool pays attention to insights and considers quality interpretation as a form of involvement likely to promote well-being in turn solving life problems.
Accompanying the support and guidance for organizations, managers and business travelers includes Planning and Coping Tool, The report also uncovers the impact on mental health and physical wellbeing to improve lifestyle.
Active school trips, Travel-related attitudes are positively associated with psychological well-being. Parents report positive connections of active travel modes and child’s well-being. Benefits via growth of child learning.
Tourism Industry
Capitalize on the hospitality space and tours by researching and identifying the human interactions factors which boosts and increases the value of efforts in understanding clients travel intentions.
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Why is TTT no.1
Highly Accurate & Reliable
The profile uses Adaptive learning tool – a method that adapts the questions based on the respondent’s experiences. This results in highly insightful & reliable wellbeing results.
Role specific assessments
The Everything TTT suite of traverse user inputs has over 80 different parameters that are role specific ranging from fresh travels to all kinds of journeys and experiences.
Follow-Up reports
The assessments come with interesting and useful follow-up reports, like the Comparison Report and the Group Reports. These reports are an excellent tool to personalize and individualize the learning from TTT based insightful sessions. The specific action-points in every follow-up report result in sustained development efforts to enhance quality of life.
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