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What Travel Psychologist
Consultants do?
In a time of change and uncertainty, one thing is becoming increasingly clear – that the world of work, and workplace learning, has made some major shifts since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Tourism Industry and Organisations are challenged with delivering great learning, compliance, culture change, leadership or personal training to your selfs across distance for the foreseeable future.
At Mandeha, we’re experts in creating Travel Psychology solutions, whether that’s developing journeys, building bespoke travel learning programmes or providing best in class off the shelf insights and guidance. Everything we do stems from a simple idea – if we design a better learning experience, together we’ll get better results.
Whether you need to deliver new skills, onboard new starters, deliver a competence programme or engage in an institute-wide culture change programme, enhance individual attitudes and behaviors we’re here to help equip you with the skills, expertise and experience you need to get measurable results, and fast.
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Why is Travel Psychologist Consultancy service essential?
Great consulting is about providing good service and that comes after building a good relationship and gaining a thorough understanding. That’s our approach down to the ground. We want to get under the skin of your challenges and work together on a plan. From start to finish we’ll be a trusted partner.
Ask us anything and we’ll give sound, considered travel psychologist service.
Unique Methodology
  • First of its Kind
  • New Use for Old methods
  • Self and Social Awareness
  • Collective Approach
  • Human Oriented
  • Align Desired Changes
  • Innovating an Industry - Multidisciplinary
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We Can Be Your Ally
We provide consultation for travel companies, people who want to travel abroad, hospitality institutions and independent travelers.
E.g. culture transition, culture shock, adaptation, consumer behavior and more.
Schools / Institutes (9 to 12)
  • Life after school and preparing for future endeavours
  • Engaging students to connect with their friends and colleagues
  • Creating bonds among the students
  • Schools getting group reports on students’ batch
  • Students and parents getting individual students reports
  • Creating specific trainings on the basis of reports for future batches
  • For company to deliver the values sets to their employees
  • Creating Team bonding for specific departments
  • Focusing on Skill sets and reducing negative traits
  • Providing group/team insight and form strategies on the learnings
  • Connecting employee with the work-life goals productivity
  • Learning through environment to enhance wellbeing
Tourism Companies
  • Understanding Travel Psychology of their Space, Intentions & more.
  • Using TTT specific parameters for Company Clients Persona
  • Providing Quarterly/Annually/Seasons based insight to Company
  • These Insights will guide to create strategies and services as per Clients Persona with travel styles
  • Generate marketing strategies/Content according to the persona of clients
  • Company can gain and improvise on their services focusing on the clients
As Allies we help you with
Social Environmental learning
Unlock learner power and let social learning flourish in your organisation. We'll help you diagnose how social and collaborative elements can complement your existing development potential. It's not just about the tools - we'll look at the right level of learner power for your work-life culture.
Learning needs analysis
Let's get back to basics and work out what you really need. We'll help you define the goals and scope for your project and evaluate the skills and learning you already have in place - before building a plan together.
Personal development impact
If you needed to prove your investment in learning was good value for money, could you? Do you know which elements are actually having an impact on growth and performance? We can help you build evaluation into your development right from the very start.
Blended learning design
We know that delivering learning isn't just about a choice between digital or face to face. We'll help design the perfect blend for your learners, using our tangible travel tools being best for the job. Get the balance right with us.
Learning campaigns
If you need to change behaviour, the best place to start is by building awareness. We can help you build a great sustainable campaign so that your development goals get noticed and become part of the work-life culture.
Learning platform strategy
We think your learning platform can become the cornerstone of your personal development strategy - and we're here to help. We'll guide you through our tangible travel tools and approach to build an environment learning ecosystem that will work for you.
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