Travel Psychology Example Of Traveler Stunning Growth On New Journey

travel psychology example

If we look back at our lives with a pure perspective, snubbing to allow the excuses we have used for so long to cloud our representation, though this travel psychology example we begin to see that so many of our choices weren’t rooted in passion or purpose. They were rooted in the fear that we didn’t have other choices, or the fear that we weren’t capable or worthy of anything more.

After listening to the story of several travellers and their experience on the road, I began to look back at my life. I could start to see all the puzzle pieces fall into place. Why had I made the decisions I had made? Because they were easy. Because they were what my family wanted. Because they were the same decisions being made by my friends and the people with whom I grew up. Because I was insecure, always trying to please the people around me, because being myself would make me risk losing their approval. Because being myself would have threatened the belief that making money and working all day and wearing the right clothes and dating the right kind of woman would guarantee me happiness. But what I had discovered in my travel journey, what I recognized on all travelers’ journey, was that pleasing the people around me would never bring me joy.

By embracing the Tangible Travel Tool, I could use the guidance of the travel moderators to gather my insights and clear my doubts into learnings and further towards transformation. In order to determine where I wanted to go, where my great adventures would take me, I knew that first I needed to embrace the unique history of my childhood. I had to discover the truth of who I really was. Now, it’s time for you to do the same.

travel psychology example

What Are Your Key Life Events?

As you look at your own life, ask yourself – what are the five key events that have made you who you are today, either connecting you to your sense of purpose or preventing you from realizing it? Think back to your early childhood, and review the challenges of adolescence. Maybe some of these moments took place in your early years of work, marriage, or child-rearing. What five life events have shaped you?

If I were looking at my own list of key moments, I would include that trip to Himachal as an experience that showed me who I wanted to be. I would remember back to the night I watched The travelers route on my couch in Delhi. I would include the day that my best friend’s neighbor broke my heart. I would add the day I began to travel the world, relying on the kindness of strangers. And I would include the day my best friend and greatest love died. Using the TTT guide have made the impact I was looking for in my life with the help of my love for travel.

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