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We connect passionate and curious travelers like you with one of our Travel Psychologists to help you plan your next great adventure. It's a smart decision to know your deep travel-life goals.
Use your intentions and emotional goals to guide your specific travel plans.
For example, if relaxation is your most important emotional goal then this will influence the plans you make. (e.g. if I plan to see 8 historical places in 3 days will this be relaxing?).
Check if traveling is reasonably likely to lead to you achieving your travel-life goals.
Sometimes understanding why you would like to travel may make you recognise that travel won’t be adequate for achieving a particular goal and you would need moderators like us to guide you through. (about achieving a different psychological perspective)
Comprehensively communicate your deep travel-life goals to others and for that reason help them perceive you.
For example, so you can accurately communicate to your significant other about why extended travel is important to you. If your specific plans seem like they are a good match with your deep goals it can help you feel confident that you’re making good decisions by choosing us to provide guidance.
Travel Psychologist Crafted Journey
Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh
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South Goa
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Jodhpur & Kumbhalghar
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Pondicherry & Madurai
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Punjab & Dharamshala
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Leh Ladakh
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Udipi & Gokarna
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Kutch, Gujurat
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Coorg, Kabini & Wayanad
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We curate journeys for you
Making it about you
Why? Because we’ve been there. Well, in part of life we have been through the similar dilemmas of constant thought about being lost and confused about who we were. Hustling with trying to create some sort of work-life balance. Not being sure about life decisions. Struggling to find meaningful work. Dealing with relationship challenges. And doing the whole existential crisis a.k.a. What the hell am I doing with my life kinda thing?
Unfortunately, it wasn't good enough.
So we figured travel as a medium into intentional Journeys of fun, exploration, learning, and growth. We traveled unique cum common places looking for answers to many of life's most confusing yet critical questions. We engaged with new culture, ideology with constant awakening perspectives. Continued pushing ourselves out of comfort zones, took risks, and challenged us to move beyond our limiting beliefs to see what was really possible for us. We stood strong and positive, taking deep breaths day-by-day, minute-by-minute, we committed to taking simple yet powerful actions that brought us ever-closer to making our dreams a reality. We became the Travel Psychologist we had been looking for all along
We would love nothing more than to support you in doing the same. Let’s understand the psychology of your travel-life!
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  • Variety equals value
  • Collaborative LEGIT Travel Design
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