Travel Psychology Capstone Course
Modules Descriptions

Module 1

Understanding Psychology of Travel:
Beyond the Humanist Approach

Module 2

Being a Travel Psychologist

Module 3

Travel & Me:
Realizing the Spectrum of Power

Module 4

Building Inner change:
Examine Travel in an Unequal World

Module 5

Beyond Good Process:
Change is not all colorful and butterflies

Module 6

The Power of Travel Experiences
and Our Impact on Self-culture

Module 7

Impacts of Climate Change
on our Travel-life experience

Module 8

Travelling with Intention:
A Tangible Travel Tool

Module 9

Analysis of Travel:
Insights and Solutions

Module 10

Unlocking the Secret Power of Travel Psychology: Vision Mindset

Module 11

Travel Psychologist:
Empowering Clients through preparation

Module 12

Paradox: Celebrating & Symbolism in Psychology of Travel Experience