Making Travel about You
We at Mandeha, the Travel Psychologists, understand the importance of the personal intentional travel elements and utilize them in achieving change through travel psychology. We construct and employ insightful tools based on LEGIT travel model to make travel liberal and uprising for everyone.
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For all the humans of a unifying concept Travel Psychology (travellers & psychologists) which maximizes the power of travel to change, solve and improve well-being.
To make travel a reality solution rather than escape for quality of life.
Travel Psychologist Roles
  1. Capitalizing on every type of travel experience that provokes a sense of mental as well as physical wellbeing.
  2. Crafting Travel Psychology based Itinerary to enhancing people's experience in travel or real-life exploration settings.
  3. Travel Tangible Tool (TTT) and LEGIT travel model is a core strength as a travel psychologist.
  4. Teaching and Building application based travel psychology courses.
  5. Assisting companies during the on-field travel experience program.
  6. Helping organizations mediate travel and human relations through travel psychology.
  7. Helping Travel businesses guide psychographics insights into strategy for growth.
  8. Working with schools and corporates on travel learning cum educational programs via travel psychology into fun and impactful learnings.
  9. Working with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) agencies to make every journey carbon friendly.
Mitesh Jain
(Founder & Chief Travel Psychologist)
(Full Stack Developer)
Yash Kadam
(Ex-Travel Analyst)
Sakshi Dhawan
(Ex-Social Media)
Shankul Varada
(Travel Psychology Ambassador)