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Our organisation collaborates and delivers to travellers, Destinations, Tourism Service Providers, Travel Influencers, Experiential Programs, Accommodation Providers, Wellness Retreats, Schools, Corporations, Social Organizations, Sustainability focused Institutions, Life Coaches, Psychologists that are collaboratively curating a more quality by Enriching, Empathetic, Intuitive, Life Changing experiences.
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We are travellers and psychologists of a unifying concept Travel Psychology which maximizes the power of travel to improve quality of life and world. We believe in personal travel intentions and gathered research support as well as appreciation of multi-disciplinary study, we empower mankind with today’s travel purpose, healthy lifestyle and sustainable gestures.
To make travel a reality solution rather than escape for quality of life.
Travel Psychologist Roles
  1. Using TTT insights for awareness into your identity, perceptions etc.
  2. Curating Intentional Travel Psychology parameters based journeys.
  3. Understanding power-dynamics of environment and human purposes.
  4. Teaching and building novel travel psychology through applied curriculum.
  5. Enriching Travel Psychology community with ethical, empathetic and ecological perspective.
  6. Capitalizing on every type of travel experience that provokes a sense of mental as well as physical wellbeing.
  7. Moderate & Guide your Travel learnings to enhance quality of life.
  8. Making meaning and extracting lessons from your travel experiences.
  9. Guidance in developing plans to apply these lessons such as novel feelings, attitudes, and embodied learnings.
Mitesh Jain
(Founder & Chief Travel Psychologist)
Ritik Kansal
(Full Stack Developer)
Dhiraj Chouhan
(UI/UX Developer)
Sakshi Dhawan
(Social Media Manager)
Shankul Varada
(Concept Awareness Consultant)